The Big Friction b​/​w The Big Lie

by Psychedelafunk

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Written, performed and recorded by Justindians at Slow Burn Studios November 2014.


released November 24, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Big Friction
Strung along with a hidden promise but that's not really rare
As finding truths in a world of grays that vanish in thin air
Glass reflects the damage taken but the walls they weather well
Eyes strain in view of endless pain to find a heaven in this hell

Nothing that we do makes sense to anyone involved

In this mess there's never rest
Souls bared, cards shared and still playing it close to the vest
It's suicide to come along for the ride
Mesh with the ebb and flow because it's not yours to decide
Track Name: The Big Lie
It's closing time but you're never really open anyway
No matter the hour of the day
Doors barred shut refuse entry to the happy faces
Feeling better and worse in lonely places

I'm gonna stay here forever
Welcome to my miserable home

Gray skies loom, it's always doom
Cuddle with gloom in your comfortable room
Hold it tight and hope you strangle it right out of it's life
But it never loses a fight