The Big Shutoff b​/​w The Big Ugly

by Psychedelafunk

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Written, performed and recorded by Justindians at Slow Burn Nov. 23-24 2015


released November 24, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Big Shutoff
They tell you it's not a race then they pressure you to perform
They say to be yourself then they want you to conform
Shut it down shut it out shut off
I saw a mother cry because her child was dead
I saw a child breakdown because his mothers dead
Shut it down shut it out shut off
Extinction looms empty oceans empty skies
We've written our own doom and yet we still act so surprised
Shut it down shut it out shut off
Had it with the whole damn place cesspool of society
Disgusted with the human race it'll shake us off to be set free
Shut it down shut it out shut off
Track Name: The Big Ugly
Memories of Scooby Doo
Domino's in your cranium trouble brews
The disguise on the bad guy was nothing new
It was all quite easy to see right through
They didn't sweat it playing you for a fool
But you were learning things they didn't teach in school
Lying liars with their pants on fire
Listening in on the telephone wires
Mind your business and watch what you say
We've got both freedom of speech and the NSA
Gun play with the NRA
Suicide bombers that will blow away
Any sense of normality
Any hope to understand is a fallacy
Just holding on until your time is done
On this organic spaceship third frock the sun

Concentrate every form of wealth
We're just damn dirty apes when we show ourselves
Capable to heal and mend
Or manipulate with love for our own ends
Greedy hearts always ready to break
Only stopping for a moment when the foundation quakes
Shook conscious true keeper of sight
Flicker of light destroyer of night