The Big Weight b​/​w The Big Moment

by Psychedelafunk

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Written, performed and recorded by Justindians at Slow Burn Sept. 2014


released September 23, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Big Weight
A story as old as time itself
Obsession, greed, fame and wealth
Should have stayed up on the shelf
Instead you moved with cunning stealth
Not about to let things be
You're a wolf dressed as a sheep
Enticed by everything you see
Instant gratification comes so naturally
It lifts you up then pulls you down down to the depths
The big weight
Same old story of glory and death
Hanging on to your every breath
A sweet demeanor and a golden tongue
A plastic hanger is where your soul is hung
Home from work kiss your wife
Secret agent man double life
Everyone to you is a pet
The tide is rising higher and you're getting all wet
Track Name: The Big Moment
Lock eyes with the face of death
More pure than you ever wished
Gaze deep into the abyss
Add another to the growing list
Lock eyes with the face of death
Gaze deep into the abyss
Cleanse your soul with a final breath
Going out with a bang